What is papyrus Cyperus or what is papyrus ?

What is papyrus ?

What is papyrus ?

The papyrus plant

The scientific name of the plant is Cyperus papyrus and belongs to the genus of Cyprus grasses.

Real papyrus as a papyrus plant reaches a height when it is fully grown, from 3-4m and thrives along riverbanks, because it requires a lot of water. What is papyrus … more here


Papyrus plant

The triangular blade of the papyrus plant is between 2-4cm thick and tapers upwards. At the upper end it has a ray-like inflorescence in a bushy appearance. In the summer time it can well grow 3-4 feet tall.

The papyrus plant is native to Africa (Egypt), Southeast Asia (Syria) and even southern Europe, where they sometimes still occurs today. Traditionally, and in large quantities, however, it grows in the Nile Delta in Egypt.

papyrus field egyptHere are some pictures of the papyrus plant taken by myself with my friends directly from Egypt from a Papyrus field in the Nile Delta.

So what is papyrus or what is Cyperus papyrus ?

Exactly, one of the most valuable crops in the world, not only because paper is made with it, but also clothes, shoes, ropes and even boats. In addition, old roots can be used as burning material and it is also used for medicinal purposes.


What is papyrus – Botantical name:

Order: Sweet gras
Family: sourgrass greenhouse (Cyperaceae)
Subfamily: Cyperoideae
Genus: Cyprus grasses (Cyperus)
Subgenus: Cyperus
Type: Real Papyrus


Every year we quality control the papyrus and carefully examine the conditions of the production. There are basically two types of papyrus.

  • Summer papyrus which grows very high and quickly and produces a very fine leaf quality
  • Winter papyrus which grows significantly slower and lower, so that these produced papyrus strips are more stronger and brings this papyrus strips are stronger or more durable

Each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the use of the papyrus plant. Basically more papyrus can be harvested in Egypt over the summer due to the by regrowth of the Cyprus grass.

This is also the reason for the large production volumes in the summer. In the fall the harvest of the papyrus product is naturally tight since the plant does not grow back fast enough. During this time the papyrus plant gets an automatic break to thrive again in the spring.

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