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Ancient Roman plants

Roman plants in antiquity

ancient roman plantsThe Roman scholar Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) already wrote in the “Naturalis Historia” (“Natural History”), in 37 books, of the effect of more than 100 Roman plants that the Romans already have been acquainted with. Weiterlesen →

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Pliny secundus on Cyprus Grass

Pliny the Elder – Cyprus Grass

Pliny sesundus on Cyprus GrassThe ancient Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder writes here generally about Cyprus grass of which the paper or ‘papyrus’ is made. He lived in the first yr. AD. and died during the eruption of Vesuvius in Pompeii. Here is his report on Cyprus grass … Weiterlesen →

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Papyrus fair trade

Fair trade is more than import and distribution of papyrus. The personal relationship to the papyrus producers and their family members is important to us and guarantees no middlemen in Europe pushing prices upwards. This is important!
“We understand that behind every sheet of papyrus is a human being with basic needs”

Every year we travel to Egypt to get a good overlook on the papyrus production.

All family members help to maintain the efficient operation of the production of papyrus and we help with fair prices so the families can also live a reasonable life, and not just survive.

papyrus egyptian farmer kids




Of course we continue to buy the normal quantities from the families even if we have fluctuations in demand and place them on stock, so that they can count on a steady income even during economically hard times.

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Papyrus history

The history of the papyrus

papyrus historydespite the large number of images of Egyptian life recorded on countless temples, tombs and other monuments there is no proper documentation on the production of papyrus, with one exception. Weiterlesen →

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Papyrus production in school

Papyrus production, know how ?

Papyrus production in schoolIn the Roman Shop you can find great sets to produce papyrus in classrooms. This way you can empathize very well how the production of papyrus “paper” actually works.

Genuine papyrus strips from the land of the Pharaohs Weiterlesen →

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