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Did Romans have vending machines?

Romans and  machines the amazing answer is: Yes!

Römische MaschinenThe Alexandrian mechanics Heron describes in his works “pneumatics” and “Automatopoiautoetike” (1st century AD), for example, a coin-operated vending machines in front of a temple, which donated a certain amount of holy water for ritual ablutions at the throw of a coin. Nevertheless, the machine didn’t come to much use in the everyday Roman life, since most machines were not application-oriented but were rather representative or for playful purposes. Weiterlesen →

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Roman Market

Roman Market – booths in the shape of a house

Roman market, merchants and craftsmen, a roman market-place

Hairstylist booth of a Roman ornatrix 
Roman plaited for children and adults in a Roman room

Mosaic booth of a musearius
The Roman mosaic worker demonstrates on models and with antique tools the craft of the mosaicists .

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