Papyrus from Egypt, a brief overview

Papyrus plant

Crafted as in ancient times papyrus (Cyperus papyrus lat = Papyrus) was used in ancient times as stationery or to preserve literary and religious texts in writing. Papyrus sheets were also illustrated in color. Each sheet and each papyrus scroll has been entirely handmade for thousands of years and is still produced in the same way today.

Which pen can be used on the sheets?

The sheets can be decorated and written on with acrylic, aquarelle,- and water colors as well with markers, ink and pastel chalk. It can be very decorative to use for certificates, as wrapping paper, to create bookmarks or for painting.

Egyptian handmade

The papyrus is still traditionally made in Egypt with the same hand made technique as in ancient times. The papyrus plant is harvested, cut into strips, placed adjacent as a papyrus sheet and pressed together. The water is extracted and the sheet is dried and smoothed until it is perfectly writable ..

The Romans reported

Pliny the Elder, an ancient author, writes in his Naturalis Historia 13:11-13:

“The stem pith of the papyrus plant is cut into thin strips, placed on an second layer transversely extending to the medullary fibers and pressed together so that a page with horizontal and a page vertical fibers is produced.”

Some more information on Papyrus for school classes

If you still need more detailed information, please refer to our rubric on papyrus from Egypt and the subcategories. There you will find detailed information on the ancient tradition and many other details about the production up to the present use of the plant.

Since we are on site each year, we always report about current events and the production conditions on site. Through years of cooperation and several friendships, we gladly support the families and their traditional activities.


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