What we do ?

The Forum Traiani supports schools (projects), museums (exhibitions) and archaeological projects with donations and expertise in many topics in the field of classical archeology.

Forum Traiani Archäologie & Kulturgeschichte e.V.

Beningsgasse 1 | D-63695 Glauburg-Glauberg

Fon.: +49 / (0) 6041-962096
Fax: +49 / (0) 6041-962098

Bank details for your charitable project supports:
Sparkasse Oberhessen | BLZ 518 500 79 | Konto 270 21 883

Taxnumber: 34 250 5176 | register of Associations Friedberg/Hessen : VR2460
Chairman: Andreas Hopson

Founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated archaeologists and archaeological beginners, our association Forum Traiani Archaeology & Cultural History e.V. entered in the register of the local court in Friedberg as a non profit association.

“Forum Traiani” ® is a registered trademark.

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